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n-Pentane  CH3

UN #: 1265

n-Pentane Purity Range Offerings: 99% - 99.5%

n-Pentane U.S. DOT Hazmat Class: 2.1

n-Pentane Liquid Density: 27.5 scf/ Gallon

n-Pentane Vapor Pressure: 

n-Pentane Packaging:

n-Pentane Fill Density: 56%

n-Pentane (C5H12) is a colorless, highly volatile liquid that is soluble in water. It is obtained by fractional distillation of petroleum. It forms an explosive and flammable mixture with air at low concentrations, in high concentrations it acts as a narcotic. Its main use is in the production of gasoline for internal combustion engines. It is also used as a solvent, in extraction processes and in low-temperature thermometers.


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