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Helium  He

UN #: 1963

Purity Range Offerings: 9

U.S. DOT Hazmat Class: 2.2

Liquid Density: 100.80 scf/ Gallon

Vapor Pressure: 


Helium (He), chemical elementinert gas of Group 18 (noble gases) of the periodic table. The second lightest element (only hydrogen is lighter), helium is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas that becomes liquid at −268.9 °C (−452 °F). The boiling and freezing points of helium are lower than those of any other known substance. Helium is the only element that cannot be solidified by sufficient cooling at normal atmospheric pressure; it is necessary to apply pressure of 25 atmospheres at a temperature of 1 K (−272 °C, or −458 °F) to convert it to its solid form.


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