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Isobutane  C4H10

Isobutane UN #: 1969

Isobutane Purity Range Offerings: 95% - 99.99%

Isobutane U.S. DOT Hazmat Class: 2.1

Isobutane Liquid Density: 30.4 scf/ Gallon

Isobutane Vapor Pressure: 

Isobutane Packaging:

Isobutane Fill Density: 49%

ISO-Butane (C4H10) is a colourless gas, soluble in water. Although its physical properties are similar to that of n-Butane, it exhibits markedly different chemical behavior. It is obtained by petroleum fractionation of natural gas or by isomerization of butane. It forms an explosive and flammable mixture with air at low concentrations. Its main uses are as a raw material in organic synthesis, for the production of synthetic rubber, and in the production of branched hydrocarbons of high octane grading.


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