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Isobutylene C4H8

UN #: 1055

Isobutylene Purity Range Offerings: 99% - 99.99%

Isobutylene U.S. DOT Hazmat Class: 2.1

Isobutylene Liquid Density: 33.5 scf/ Gallon

Isobutylene Vapor Pressure: 

Isobutylene Packaging:

Isobutylene Fill Density: 53%

At ambient temperature and pressure, isobutylene is a colorless gas with a slight sweet odor. This gas can be liquefied under pressure. The substance has low solubility in water. It is nonexplosive; however, it forms explosive mixtures with air. Isobutylene is used as a monomer for the production of various polymers such as butyl rubber, polybutene and polyisobutylene. The most important application of butyl rubber is the manufacture of tyres for cars and other vehicles. Other applications of butyl rubber, polybutene and poyisobutylene are lubricants (motor oils), adhesives, sealants and coatings.


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