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Trans 2 Butene C4H8

UN #: 1012

Trans 2 Butene Purity Range Offerings: 99% - 99.5%

Trans 2 Butene U.S. DOT Hazmat Class: 2.1

Trans 2 Butene Liquid Density: 34.5 scf/ Gallon

Trans 2 Butene Vapor Pressure: 

Trans 2 Butene Packaging:

Trans 2 Butene Fill Density: 54%

trans-2-Butene can be used as a monomer unit to produce high molecular weight polyolefins with well-defined microstructures by nickle-catalyzed polymerization reaction. It is also used as a reactant in the isomerization reaction to produce the corresponding isomer using acid-activated catalysts.


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